Siemens Star CCM+ 2020 Carck 破解版

Siemens 公司最近发布最新版:Star CCM+ 2020.1!全球最全面的单一集成软件环境内工程模拟

STAR-CCM+ 不仅仅只是一个 CFD 求解器,它还是一个解决流体或固体流、传热和应力等相关问题的完整工程过程。

STAR-CCM+ 在解决与多物理和复杂几何形状相关的问题方面拥有无可比拟的优势。 STAR-CCM+ 可在单个程序环境中利用最少的用户投入生产高质量的结果,为此它获得了用户的广泛好评。

Designed to fit easily within your existing engineering process, STAR-CCM+ 可与用户现有的工程流程兼容,帮助用户实现模拟工作流的全自动化,并利用最少的用户互动执行迭代设计研究。



Siemens 致力于通过使用工程模拟帮助公司和组织获得成功。 成功的关键因素就是 STAR-CCM+。

What’s New in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2020.1.0
These latest features speed up every step of your CFD simulation process.

Reduce computational overhead with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR)
The new adaptive mesh refinement, or AMR, is the industry’s first model-driven AMR. This feature lowers computational time for the same accuracy by dynamically refining the mesh where needed. The free-surface model-driven AMR intelligently refines cells to resolve the gas-liquid interface, reducing smearing. The Overset-mesh model-driven AMR intelligently ensures that cell sizes at the interface are compatible. All of this is achieved without any user interaction.

Faster meshing with the next generation parallel polyhedral meshing
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ pioneered the polyhedral mesh for industrial CFD simulation. In 2020.1, we deliver the next generation polyhedral mesher. Re-written from the ground-up for parallel performance, meshes build up to 30 times faster than in serial. You get a consistent mesh regardless of the cores used and a more effective mesh distribution with the same accuracy and robustness.

Improved ease of use with simplified coupled solver settings
Automatic controls dramatically improve the ease-of-use and robustness of the coupled solver. This delivers faster convergence to solution giving users additional speedup. Now, all flow regimes, from incompressible through fully compressible, run straight out of the box – no tuning necessary – with performance that rivals (and often exceeds) those best-practices that used to take time and experience to develop.

Effective communication of results using collaborative virtual reality (VR)
Collaborative VR in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ allows teams across the globe to interact in the same immersive virtual environment in real time, enhancing communication and speeding up decision-making. Multiple VR clients can now be connected and synchronized to the same simulation, with avatars showing the location of other users and providing the ability to tether together to get the same experience.

Faster innovation with many more new features
These are just the highlights. The latest release brings many other new capabilities driven by our vision for the future of CFD simulation and by listening to our customers.

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is a complete multiphysics solution for the simulation of products and designs operating under real-world conditions. Uniquely, Simcenter STAR-CCM+ brings automated design exploration and optimization to the simulation toolkit of every engineer, allowing you to efficiently explore the entire design space instead of focusing on single point design scenarios.

The additional insight gained by using Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to guide your design process ultimately leads to more innovative products that exceed customer expectations.

Matt Godo explains how virtual reality in STAR-CCM+ allows anyone to explore a simulation model in an intuitive and immersive sense, increasing insight, and empowering innovation.

Siemens PLM Software a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. With headquarters in Plano, Texas, and over 140,000 customers worldwide, Siemens PLM Software works with companies of all sizes to transform the way ideas come to life, the way products are realized, and the way products and assets in operation are used and understood.

Product: Siemens Simcenter Star CCM+
Version: 2020.1.0 Build 15.02.007-R8
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: multilanguage







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