XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版

XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版

XMind是一款同样开源且跨平台的思维导图软件,XMind 在功能上一点也不逊色于 FreeMind,某些方面,XMind 甚至更加具有优势。XMind 支持中文简繁体。

XMind 的特点是具有多种结构样式,不只 Map 一种,还包括 Org、Tree、Logic Chart、Fishbone 等等。同时,在 XMind 中,除了可以灵活的定制节点外观、插入图标外,还有多种样式和主题可以选择。

在格式支持方面,你可以导入 FreeMind、MindManager 等软件的文件格式,当然也包括 XMind 自身的格式;输出则支持文本、图像、HTML 等。XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版

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XMind is great software to create mind maps or Mind Map. When you think about your ideas or do a group on a particular subject of brainstorming, you come to mind sporadically with ideas, information, data, and clues. XMind software is designed to collect this scattered information in a central location and process and aggregate them later at the right opportunity. The software also has the ability to automatically store and synchronize mental maps online and make you feel comfortable about the security of your information.

Easy building of mental maps with different features
Possibility of building commercial and organizational charts
BrainStorming mode for holding brainstorming sessions between team members
Presentation mode to efficiently provide mental maps
Gantt display mode like Microsoft Project
Various features for mental maps such as communication between them, summarization, markup, notes, comments, etc.
Ability to change themes and fonts with high customization capability
Ability to get output in PDF, PPT, XLS and Word (doc,docx) format
Ability to store mental maps cloudy
Ability to save to Evernote
Ability to share mind maps created on social networks
Having over 60,000 beautiful icons for different applications
Ability to subscribe between LAN local network
Print multiple pages simultaneously side by side
Possibility of combining mental maps with each other
Ability to take screenshots from parts of the mental map
Advanced Filtering
Powerful Search
Ability to take voice notes
Ability to encrypt documents
Ability to save with SVG vector format
Having many and varied templates on a ready-made basis



XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版

2,将XmindFull.cmd拖入进安装目录。XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版

3,按照步骤操作,将文件的快捷方式转移到桌面,使用其打开软件即可使用。XMind 11 全新思维导图软件 Carck 破解版



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