MSC SimXpert 2020 Carck 破解版

使用 SimXpert单一仿真平台可完成整个仿真过程的所有阶段。

SimXpert 是用于产品仿真的一体化计算机辅助工程环境,使制造商能够提升仿真的速度和精度、提高设计生产率,将更优秀的产品更快地推向市场。SimXpert 通过将多学科分析功能、最佳仿真方法以及高度定制化整合到同一个工程环境中来实现这一目标。借助 SimXpert 的一体化工程环境,分析人员和设计人员不仅能减少工程工作流程中的工具软件数量,还能彼此更好地共享关键信息。


File size: 3.0 GB

SimXpert is a next generation CAE application for modeling and analysis using FEA and multibody dynamics (MBD). Integrated with MSC’s advanced multidiscipline solver technologies, SimXpert provides an efficient “end-to-end” solution that takes you from CAD to analysis report in a single easy-to-use application.

Translating and fixing CAD data, meshing, reworking models, creating the same plots and charts over and over – all of these mean that engineers are spending more time developing expertise in using tools rather than on evaluating and understanding their products. SimXpert changes that by providing native access to CAD data and easy to use tools to automate their simulation jobs and get results fast. SimXpert’s unified user environment also enables teams to share data, models, results and best practices across time zones, geographic boundaries, and CAE disciplines, so that they can approach problems more consistently and get reliable results faster. Complete teams of engineers can now work in a modern and easy to use interface to run multi-body dynamics, structural analysis, thermal simulations, crash tests, drop testing, and more.

Whats New:
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