Autodesk Alias autostudio 2021 Carck 破解版

Alias Autostudio 是autodesk Alias系列软件的一款工业设计和A级曲面建模软件,该软件功能最全面,拥有概念设计、快速概念建模、详细设计、曲面建模和A级曲面建模、设计交流和产品可视化、曲面分析等功能,能够适用于汽车快速设计与造型,完成从草图绘制到A级曲面建模的完整汽车工作流,快速创建概念模型和绝佳的视觉效果。同时Alias Autostudio 包括Alias SpeedForm、VRED Design、SketchBook Pro和Maya,可以一起协作完成作品,新版本还进行了功能增加和性能优化,比如改进了层颜色指定,可以自定义控制键,新增加了曲线平面化中的视图选项,新增加了阶数可变的曲面圆角等等,可以极大的增强您的创意设计流程,提高了产品开发效率,有效地缩短产品的开发周期。

Autodesk® Alias® software products ― Alias® AutoStudio, Alias® Surface, Alias® Concept, Alias® SpeedForm and Alias® Design ―offer a premium range of tools for industrial designers, modelers and technical surfacing experts in automotive and other industries.

Through a continuous workflow from concept to production quality surfaces, the Alias software provides industry-leading surfacing capabilities ― supported by best-in-class sketching, modeling and visualization tools ― helping you to create innovative and compelling designs faster than your competition, while maintaining design intent throughout the process.

Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, Alias software helps designers rapidly develop and iterate sketch concepts, 3D conceptual models and detailed designs, and to deliver Class-A production ready surfaces to engineering, ensuring that designs address both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Changes to Alias Update installation
Starting with the Alias 2021.1 Update, Update releases will be available on the Autodesk Accounts page as a full install of the product. Instead of the Windows Installer patch (MSP) files you may be accustomed to, Alias Updates will use EXE setup installation files. With this change, the installation process automatically uninstalls the previous version of Alias before installing the Update. This means that uninstalling the Update no longer reverts to the previous version of Alias.

System Requirements:
OS:Microsoft® Windows® 10 (64-bit)/Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit)
CPU:2 GHz 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor
Alias General: Supported NVIDIA® or AMD graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB dedicated texture memory and DirectX 11 compatible.
Alias VR: Any NVIDIA or AMD graphics card that is VR Ready certified.
Disk Space:Autodesk Alias AutoStudio:10 GB

Modified Setup:
Autodesk Genuine Service Removed
Autodesk Desktop App Removed
Autodesk Single Sign-On Removed







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