The Foundry Modo v13 Crack 破解版

The Foundry发布最新版3D建模软件MODO 13.1 !

MODO是英国The Foundry公司开发的一款集高级多边形细分曲面、建模、雕刻、3D绘画、动画与渲染于一体的综合性3D软件,它为多个行业的设计/创意环节提供了全面的解决方案,经常被电影领域的制作公司用来进行角色设计、动画制作或特殊效果设计制作等。

The Foundry Modo v13.1 v1 Xforce

Info:Modo 13 introduces native GPU rendering with its first iteration of AMD Radeon ProRender alongside AMD’s popular denoising features. This hardware-agnostic, physically-based rendering engine leverages open industry standards to utilize a variety of GPU and CPU hardware.

With Modo 13, character artists can now non-destructively control layers of animation or easily override existing actions, while masking with the new Animation Layer system allows for individual aspects of an animation to be isolated and uniquely defined.

Other key features for Modo 13.0 include:

Modo Bridge: This feature now supports Unity and adds the same functionality that was present in the Unreal Bridge through a shared interface to streamline interaction with real-time scene creation.
MeshFusion adds Kit Fusing: Artists now have the ability to define only a portion of a mesh to be used for creating boolean operations.
Arrays: A powerful new extension to Modo’s procedural system that allows for advanced storage, manipulation, and output of data in a variety of forms, further enabling what technical artists can engineer in Modo.







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