MSC Apex 2020 Feature Pack 1 + Documentation x64MSC Carck 破解版

MSC Apex是一个新的高性能、功能强大的CAE软件,未来将成为MSC技术中的一个核心平台,但由于其开发是分阶段来实现的,目前MSC Apex Modeler是MSC Apex系列中的第一个实用的技术产品,为工程师提供了更加便捷的选择。MSC Apex Modeler是一个CAE工具,特别是直接建模和网格划分功能,提供了强大的CAD模型清理、简化和网格划分工作流程,解决方案功能强大,对于需要耗费大量工作时间在前处理工作上的模型来说,选用MSC Apex Modeler完成相应的前处理工作可以节省大量的工作时间。现阶段MSC有限元分析的一个比较好的解决方案为MSC Apex –MSC Patran – MSC Nastran,MSC Apex是MSC Patran和MSC Nastran有益的补充。

MSC Apex’s latest product release – Iberian Lynx, delivers a new “Apex – MSC Nastran – Apex” workflow with enhanced up to 10x productivity in pre/post-processing for MSC Nastran using Apex. This release allows users to combine the world-class user experience of MSC Apex with MSC Nastran, the most trusted multi-disciplinary FEA solver by the industry.

The latest release of MSC Apex, Iberian Lynx, now offers the new “Apex-iberian LYNX” workflow and improved pre/post-processing functionalities for FEA. This allows users to combine the generative modeling capacity of Apex with the analysis power of MSC Nastran, to perform accurate analysis with up to 10x the productivity enhancement in pre/post-processing.

Generative Global & Local Modeling Capacity:
Support fast modification and edition on specific parts of an assembly with a variety of intelligent tools, which saves a huge amount of time compared to the traditional CAD-FEA workflow.

Robust Customization and Automation Functionality
Provide enhanced Python scripting APIs to customize automation scripts for different purposes, such as accelerating repeated modeling and avoiding potential human errors. Aim to boost daily productivity to a higher level.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo, I7 and Intel Xeon, Intel Core 2 Quad
RAM:8 GB Minimum/16 GB (or higher) Recommended
Disk Space:12-20GB*
Display:1280×1024 or higher resolution

Whats New:
Updates:official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.







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