Altair Inspire Cast 2020 Carck 破解版

Altair Inspire Cast (原 Click2Cast) 是一个快速、简捷、准确且经济实用的铸造仿真工具,旨在通过高度直观的用户体验创建高质量产品并提高经济效益。这是唯一一款既适合初学者、也适合资深用户的仿真工具,可满足从产品设计师到铸造工程师在内的各类用户的需求。从早期设计阶段开始,用户即可直观地发现各类典型铸造缺陷,如裹气、缩松、冷隔、模具性能下降等;还可纠正这些缺陷,从而避免高昂的下游修正成本。导向性工艺模板提供了 5 个简单的步骤,用于仿真金属芯重力铸造、砂芯重力铸造、熔模铸造、高压铸造、低压铸造和倾斜浇注工艺。Altair Inspire Cast 的创新体验让用户可以提升产品质量,并在经过简单地培训后即可设计出更好的产品。

Altair Inspire Cast 特征

1,简单 5 步即可上手——在统一且用户友好型界面内进行仿真、运行分析、优化和模拟铸造最终零件。

2,优化内浇口设计及位置——利用 Altair Inspire Cast 可迅速轻松地进行内浇口仿真——只需选择尺寸和位置,Altair Inspire Cast 即可自动生成内浇口。

3,全面验证铸造设计——Altair Inspire Cast 允许用户验证铸造设计,包括型腔、流道和溢流口。

4,多种铸造仿真模板——Altair Inspire Cast 提供了一系列铸造模板,可用于模拟高压和低压模具铸造、重力金属芯和砂芯及熔模铸造。

Altair Inspire Cast (formerly Click2Cast) software is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience. It is the only tool that caters to beginners and experts alike, from product designers to foundry engineers.

Right from early design phase, users can visualize typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, mold degradation and rectify them avoiding costly downstream corrections. Guided process templates offer 5 easy steps to simulate Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting and Tilt Pouring. Altair Inspire Cast’s innovative experience enables users to increase product quality and design better products with a few hours of training.

Design for Castings
Radically new designs in combination with new materials demand designers to evaluate their designs early. Engage early with Altair Inspire Cast to simulate possible issues upfront with minimal or no training. As the process gets refined the ability to further investigate and optimize the process makes Altair Inspire Cast uniquely valuable during the entire product development cycle from early design to manufacturing.

Minimize Process Complexity
It is typical in the industry to first design a process and then simulate it. Altair Inspire Cast turns that concept overs its head by helping users evolve the process in tandem with their ideas. You can start the filling with virtualized in-gates that will guide you through areas of porosity and the right risers to compensate. Gravity, Die, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Investment and Tilt casting, all have guided templates for refinement.

Improve Quality and Profitability
State of the art, bi-phasic Finite Element formulation allows for capturing the filling and solidification process with great precision. This helps with building great quality castings with high margins.

Ease of Use with 5 Simple Steps
Simulate, run analysis, optimize, and cast final part all within one comprehensive environment and user-friendly interface.

Variety of Casting Templates to Simulate
Altair Inspire Cast offers a number of casting templates to simulate high and low pressure die casting, gravity sand, and investment casting.

Optimize Ingate Design and Position
Altair Inspire Cast allows quick and simple ingate simulation – simply select the size and position and Altair Inspire Cast will auto-generate the ingate.

Validate Full Casting Designs
Altair Inspire Cast allows users to validate full casting designs including cavities, runners and overflows.







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