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PointWise 18.1 R2 Win/Mac/Lnx 破解版 Crack

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PointWise 18.x Win/Linux/macOS | 2.72 Gb (Total) | 破解版 Crack

ridgen前身是美國空軍和宇航局出資,由通用動力公司在研製F16戰機的過程中於80年代開發的產品。後經美國政府允許, 在1994年Gridgen的編程人員成立了Pointwise公司,推出了商用化的後繼產品。Pointwise公司致力於解決工程分析所面對的頂級難題,致力於為CFD計算分析提供高品質的網格,致力於盡可能降低工程師和科研人員的在前處理中時間消耗。

目前公司有兩款產品Gridgen和Pointwise。其中,Gridgen是經典的網格生成軟體,具有CAD和CFD的良好介面。 Pointwise採用了現代軟體核心架構,它繼承並凝聚了Gridgen 27年的發展精華,是我們的新一代網格生成軟體,Pointwise最新版本為Pointwise V17.1。



Gridgen/Pointwise 獨特優勢:

1. T-Rex技術(AIAA paper no. 2007-0554):


-Solid Model功能可自動整合不完美的幾何模型,這項技術為快速生成高質量的網格打下良好的基礎。

-fault tolerant meshing網格容錯技術。

-hybrid geometry kernel。

3. 使用橢圓PDE方法來自動提高結構網格的正交性、光順性和集聚性,也可以對面網格的內部節點進行手動調整。可在網格內部指定一個子網格,單獨對該子網格進行操作而不影響其餘網格。



6. 重疊網格技術可以極大地簡化網格的生成,並且在一些特殊應用方面表現出很大的優越性。


8. Pointwise操作系統:支持Windows(Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel and AMD), Mac and Unix,支持64位,可生成億量級網格。

9. Gridgen和Pointwise共用一個license,購買任一款,用戶可使用兩款軟體。

Pointwise is a software solution to the top problem facing engineering analysts: mesh generation for computational fluids dynamics (CFD).

The Reliable CFD Meshing You Trust…

Quality – We designed Pointwise so users could be in control, not the system. Whether your grid is structured, unstructured, or hybrid, Pointwise uses high-quality techniques with powerful controls so you can achieve accurate and reliable results while reducing computer resources required.

Flexibility – Pointwise offers the best of both worlds: advanced automation, as well as flexible manual controls for those times when only human intervention can create the outcome you demand. It’s the workhorse that gets you confidently from dealing with less-than-perfect CAD to formatting the grid for your flow solver.

Service – Our commitment to your success is only beginning with your Pointwise license. Whether you encounter a technical issue or just need advice to get the most from Pointwise, our industry-tested engineers are ready to help. We generate more than just grids – we also build long-term relationships.

…With an Interface and Features You’ll Love

We have combined our reliable CFD meshing with modern software techinques to bring you the eponymous Pointwise – a quantum leap in gridding capability. In addition to the high quality grid techniques we have always had, you will appreciate Pointwise’s flat interface, automated grid assembly, and full undo and redo capabilities.

Pointwise’s well-organized and intuitive interface and exceptional functionality give you the tools and the freedom to concentrate on producing the highest-quality grids in the shortest possible time. It’s simple and logical – meaning you don’t have to get bogged down in trying to learn or remember how to use the software every time you sit down with it. But while being easy to use, Pointwise doesn’t sacrifice grid quality. Pointwise provides the power to produce the highest quality grids available. After all, your analysis is only as good as your grid.5075809b8ab1d7f5d477e625d631faa8



Home Page – http://www.pointwise.com/pw/



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